Less is more!

Josua Hunziker cares about his customers – and he also cares about his family. Although still a young man, he has risen to the position of Project Manager and is in charge of one of Kistler's largest inhouse development projects. Over the last three years, he has advanced his own personal development and built up his technical expertise: he was also able to explore new solutions and adopt some unconventional approaches. At home too, his life took a new turn when his wife wanted to resume her career after the birth of their second child, following two years as a full-time mother. The time had now come for Josua to give some thought to his own work-life balance.

He therefore approached his line manager with a request to reduce his workload and have more contact with customers out of house again. This proposal did not fall on deaf ears: in fact, a solution was found within a very short time. Drawing on the project management experience he has already gained, Josua will now take on the role of application adviser: this involves providing customers with precisely the support they need to meet the specific challenges that arise as they use cloud-based solutions from Kistler.

At the same time, he will reduce his working hours to 60 percent so that he can concentrate more on family life by role-sharing with his wife. This bold step has met with a positive response from Josua's family and friends. And as he sees it, Kistler is sending out an important message as a modern employer by taking the right decision in this case.

As a qualified electrical engineer, Josua appreciates challenging assignments and the technical content of his projects, and he also enjoys working in a company with global reach. He is a firm believer in Kistler's long-term vision, and he is inspired by the Group's dynamic corporate culture. For all these reasons, he can easily imagine returning to full-time work in a few years' time. But for the time being – less is actually more!

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