Visionary ideas in a family ambience: that's how we operate!

No sooner had Kim Pfluger graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) than he plunged into what seemed like arduous routine work to start his career: calculating and measuring rigidity values for force sensors doesn't really sound very thrilling! But as we know, starting out is always the hardest part – and that proved true in Kim's case, too. He had the chance to lead his next project from the concept and prototype phases right through to the final product. Its title: "Developing a resonator-based force sensor". This turned out to be a fabulous venture that gave him deep insights into the diverse subject areas and technologies that Kistler embraces. As a Junior Sensor Developer, he gained a wealth of experience in research, development and knowledge transfer, both within the Group and through contacts with the outside world. As time went on, Kim's passion for the world of measurement technology grew and grew – and it is still his source of inspiration today.

After three years, Kim moved to a new position within the company. As leader of the Weigh In Motion sensor development team, he kept a close watch on the product tests – not only under laboratory conditions, but also when the sensors had to do their job while exposed to real outdoor influences – in this case, in the road. Kim appreciates the dynamism of our company, the new technologies, the applications and the requirements to be met – it's precisely the right place for an engineer to work. And he also likes the balance between the high-speed, dynamic work ambience and the down-to-earth stability of a family-run firm. The pace of growth is breathtaking, but as Kim points out: "I'm not just a number here." Many aspects of the work are handled in house, and there is scope for employees to personally support and experience all the phases of a project.

As the years went on, this former Junior Sensor Developer gained extensive experience of products and applications – and this has helped to shape his own personal development. He sensed a growing desire to acquire more management experience, and he was keen that the next steps in his career should take him abroad. Thanks to the retirement of the Head of Development in Buffalo (USA), Kim Pfluger had the unique opportunity to go to America with his partner and start out in this new position.

He appreciates the chance to shoulder more responsibility, and to think and act like an entrepreneur. For the time being, soft skills have relegated the technical aspects of his work to the background. Striking up contacts, exploiting synergies, and driving Kistler's globalization ahead all over the world: these are the challenges that motivate him to give of his best every day as he experiences a new culture. Another year lies ahead of him. Who knows? Maybe he will take advantage of the option to extend his stay so he can live the American Dream just a little bit longer!

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