The strength that comes from teamwork

Marco Laffranchi appreciates the many different skills that his team members possess. And he regards one particular principle as very important: all the team members should complement one another with their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Marco – himself a doctor of physics – works side by side with materials scientists and development engineers who started out as watchmakers and designers. After a ten-year career at Kistler that has included a variety of functions, he now heads a group of three employees who focus on developing the business and generating new business ideas.

Marco's customers inside the company are representatives of the individual Strategic Business Fields (SBFs). The SBFs identify trends and requirements in their various markets, and then it's up to Marco and his team to evaluate their potential. This presents a dual challenge: as well as assessing the technical and business aspects of new applications, the team must acquire in-depth knowledge of each different business field. Within a very short time, Marco has to learn new technical vocabulary and master the specifications so he can conduct discussions on an equal footing with internal customers as well as external partners.

His team usually provides support for two projects at varying stages of maturity, with timescales of several years. The scope of their work spans market research, product development and the necessary field tests; a portfolio has to be assembled, and then comes the final market launch. Electronics, mechanics, programming, research: each of these fields has its own business language at Kistler – and Marco Laffranchi can make himself understood in all of them. As a native of Ticino, Switzerland's Italian-speaking region, he is fluent in several languages; he has studied and taught at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), and has also worked at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. Marco is a theoretician who puts theories into practice – and an experimental physicist who also likes to test things out.

He sees working together in a team as the fun factor, and he takes pleasure in being a good boss and mentor. Although he has a vast stock of specialist know-how, he doesn't view himself as an expert. Marco Laffranchi takes an unbiased approach to all the different requirements; he understands where the journey should be headed; and through collaborative teamwork, he develops ideas that can grow because they win universal support.

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