Employment conditions at Kistler: Good work deserves reward

Our employees put all their efforts into ensuring the company's success every day. In return, we offer them attractive employment conditions and a host of fringe benefits.

  • Grow with us
    Lifelong learning lays the foundations for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Knowing this, we maintain continuous dialog with you as we plan the next steps in your career and stake out milestones together. We offer you a vast range of opportunities for education and training at different levels. That's because your knowledge and your abilities are key factors in our success!
  • Finding the balance
    Top performance depends on a good work-life balance. As a family company, we know how important it is to balance your home life with your professional career. More time for your family, a hobby or further education – together, we will seek out solutions to help you maintain this balance.
  • What you can look forward to
    When you join us, the focus is on you! Our recognition of your achievements goes far beyond paying your salary. Our remuneration package also includes attractive benefits such as low-cost vacations at our house on Lake Constance, seniority gifts and employee bonuses.
  • Fair, transparent compensation
    Benefit from our terms of employment – in line with market conditions and in keeping with today's standards. We appreciate your commitment, and we want to encourage it. That's why we let you share in our company's.
  • Celebrating successes together
    Your tireless inventive spirit and your sustained commitment: these are defining factors in Kistler's success. And we like to express our thanks for these qualities – by offering a varied program of employee events such as our legendary end-of-year party or presentations on specialized subjects to broaden your horizons, as well as benefits such as our "Body. Mind. Soul." program to promote your health.