Employment conditions at Kistler: Good work deserves reward

Our employees put all their efforts into ensuring the company's success every day. In return, we offer them attractive employment conditions and a host of fringe benefits.

  • Meaningful tasks
    At Kistler you can take a hand in shaping your tasks. We trust our employees and provide a framework to let them use their personal initiative and realize their full potential.
  • Flexible working models
    As a family company, we attach importance to reconciling family life with work commitments. Our various flex-time models let you strike the best work-life balance for you personally.
  • Worthwhile commitment
    Performance and commitment are appreciated at Kistler, and our employees share in the company's success.
  • Targeted personal development
    Lifelong learning is the pre-requisite for excellence. We promote our employees' development with a host of basic and advanced training options.
  • Body. Mind. Soul.
    More sport and a healthier diet? Our holistic "Body. Mind. Soul." program helps employees to fit in both into their daily lives.